Cold Cuts (Combo Platter#1)


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    • $10.95 for 1 person
    • $17.95 for 2 persons
    • $23.95 for 3 persons
    • $29.95for 4 persons

Six combinations of appetizers, served with fresh vegetables:

Pork Fillet – File de Porc
Feta Cheese – Brânză Telemea
Dry Salami – Salam de Sibiu
Yellow Sheep Milk Cheese – Cașcaval
Meatballs – Chifteluțe
Romanian Sausage – Cabanos


  1. A vodka shot works perfect with this delicious appetizer, ask for it.
  2. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare this dish.

Price $10.95


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About Chef

Chef Elena grew up in Transylvania where she learned the art of Romanian cooking from the culinary masters. She has been with the Romanian Restaurant since its beginnings and is proud of her creations.

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