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Romanian Salad – (Salată românească) $5.95
tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, feta chesse

Garden Salad -(Salata Casei) $4.95
lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion

Israeli Salad – (Salată Israeliană) $5.95
tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, parsley, lemon Juice and olive oil

Cabbage Salad – Salată de varză dulce $4.95

Roasted Peppers – Ardei Copţi $6.95
roasted pepper, garlic, dill, vinegar and olive oil


  1. Enjoy a good fresh salad with a sparkling water or a glass of white wine
  2. No artificial ingredients, no strong spices and fat sauces.

Price $4.95--$6.95


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About Chef

Chef Elena grew up in Transylvania where she learned the art of Romanian cooking from the culinary masters. She has been with the Romanian Restaurant since its beginnings and is proud of her creations.

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