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Chicken Soup – Supă de Pui $5.95
Meatballs Soup – Ciorbă de Perişoare $6.95
Beef Tripe Soup Ciorbă de Burtă $6.95
Beef Soup – Ciorbă de văcuţă $6.95
Vegetables Soup – Ciorbă de Legume $4.95


  1. Our soups are made following homemade recipes, with natural ingredients and low sodium
  2. Enjoy your soup sipping a glass of white wine and a pickle on the side.

Price $4.95--$6.95


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About Chef

Chef Elena grew up in Transylvania where she learned the art of Romanian cooking from the culinary masters. She has been with the Romanian Restaurant since its beginnings and is proud of her creations.

( Chef )