Traditional Romanian Specialties

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    • Individual dish plates- $8.95-$12.95
    • Dish Combo$17.95

Polenta with Cheese and Sour Cream $8.95
Mamaliga cu Branza si Smantana

Fried Yellow Sheep Milk Cheese $8.95
Cascaval Pane

Sauteed Chicken Liver with Onions $9.95
(served with choice of mashed potatoes)
Ficatei de Pui la tigaie, cu piure

Traditional Romania Sausages $11.95

Stuffed Cabbage $11.95
meat, grains, vegetables, served with polenta
Sarmalute cu Mamaliguta

Transylvanian Meat Dish $12.95
served with polenta, topped with sunny – side egg up andfeta cheese


  1. Any drink goes with these dishes: beer, wines or mineral water
  2. The meat is pork for most of dishes, not kosher

Price $8.95--$12.95


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About Chef

Chef Elena grew up in Transylvania where she learned the art of Romanian cooking from the culinary masters. She has been with the Romanian Restaurant since its beginnings and is proud of her creations.

( Chef )